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"Objective" and "subjective" are words we use to describe two ways of seeing things. If a view is considered "objective" it signifies that it is seen without prejudice or distortion and seen "as it really is."

A horse as it really is?

Was it really like this, Frederic Remington?

Hey Redon, is this exactly how it looked when you saw the naked man in the golden chariot pulled by gigantic horses through a mythic landscape?

But how is it really? What is the truest way to see it? Do we trust our limited senses and minds to ever give us AS IT REALLY IS?

Maybe Bronies' tulpas look exactly like that, but did Bonnie Zacherle see them?

Look at the room you are sitting in. What does your brain do to make sense of that view?

I'm interested in this question. The answer seems to be different within every person.

Look at a picture - a two dimensional surface with some kind of marks or pixels or effected emulsions. What does your brain do to make sense of that surface?

How is this different from what our brain does when we're viewing the room we are sitting in?

Self-taught "outsider" artist Edward Goss

I'm interested in what the hand does when it moves on a surface while the brain looks.

Maybe the brain looks through the eyes.

Some person called Leonardo da Vinci's brain, eyes and hands collaborated on that one.

Maybe the brain looks at memory.

My horse sketch on some junk mail.

Maybe the brain looks at something that has emerged from the part of us that we don't have direct control of.

Mitzi Kral

Then within two dimensions, the hand moves and the eyes see and the brain wants to think and control...

"Outsider, Obsessive, visionary, self taught" Ronald Sloan

Something then ends up on that surface.

I'm interested in individualistic, raw, outsider, expressionist interpretations of what our brain and hands do when we look.